AG450 Farm Class

                                                                                                                  (Old Committee Photos)

Crops Committee

Crops Committee

The Crops Committee maintains a monthly crop inventory, manages stored grain, crop enterprise, plans the cropping system and is responsible for monitoring grain markets on a weekly basis, reports to the class on a weekly basis, and makes marketing recommendations throughout the semester.


Machinery Committee

Machinery Committee

The Machinery Committee acquires, repairs, maintains, keeps machinery management records, and use of all farm machinery.


Finance & Marketing Committee

Finance and Marketing Committee

The Finance & Marketing Committee develops and monitors the farm budget including cash flow, year-end financial summaries and debt service. They are also responsible for watching the grain markets and any events (local, national, or global) that may impact the markets, developing a sound marketing strategy, and executing marketing contracts.


Public Relations Committee

Public Relations Committee

The Public Relations Committee Promotes the farm by helping with farm tours, writing news releases, updating the Web page and communicating with the university and general public.


Customs & Swine Committee

Customs and Swine Committee

The Customs & Swine Committee manages the custom farming operation and swine operation of the farm.


Buildings & Grounds Committee

Buildings and Grounds Commitee

The Buildings and Grounds Committee collaborates with the farm operator to coordinate the construction, operation, maintenance, repair, and records for the buildings and grounds on the farm.