AG450 Farm Class Structure

AGEDS 450 is the junior/senior-level capstone course for Agricultural Studies majors within the Department of Agricultural Education and Studies. Other agricultural students frequently enroll in the course to gain hands-on experience in farm management and operations. Classroom lectures and discussion continue to emphasize the application of production skills learned in other courses, risk management and risk management strategies, financial management and cash flow, alternative leasing agreements, and problem solving in solving strategic issues related to the farm. Approximately 100 students are enrolled each year.


The structure of the class consists of:

Class President
  • elected by class
  • presides over business meetings
  • liaison between class and staff
Class Vice President 
  • elected by class
  • assists Class President
  • presides over business meetings in absence of Class President
Class Secretary
  • responsible for recording and maintaining minutes of all class business
Class Committees
  • Buildings and Grounds
  • Crops
  • Customs & Swine
  • Finance & Marketing
  • Machinery
  • Public Relations