AG450 Farm Mission & Goals


To be a practical educational resource for Iowa State University and the Department of Agricultural Education and Studies demonstrating quality and sustainable production agriculture in the midwest. To achieve this mission, the following objectives have been articulated for the farm and class:

  • to be a self-supporting agricultural production entity
  • to be engaged in practical and economical midwestern production agriculture
  • to develop an agricultural farming system (crops and livestock) that use farming
  • resources (land, labor, and capital) efficiently and effectively
  • to efficiently and competitively produce and market quality agricultural products to implement agricultural production technologies that maintain economic efficiency, agricultural sustainability, and complement cropping and livestock production activities on the farm
  • to provide exposure of production agriculture to the public
  • to function as a farm management laboratory for students enrolled in AGEDS 450



Farm production and marketing goals are:

  • farming operations will be profitable 3 out of 5 years
  • three-fourths of all products marketed will be sold at a price that exceeds the average price received for those products in Iowa for that given marketing year crop yields will be above the average yield for Story County, Iowa
  • soil losses shall not exceed the soil loss guidelines for soil types found on the farm as prescribed by the Natural Resource Conservation Service
  • all of the crops produced will be within the top five crops produced in Iowa based upon crop acreages reported by the Iowa Crop and Livestock Reporting Service
  • all of the livestock produced will be within the top five livestock enterprises based upon the number sold by Iowa farmers as reported by the Iowa Crop and Livestock Reporting Service
  • livestock enterprises shall complement the cropping enterprise and contribute as value added production to the farm and utilize existing and proposed livestock buildings and facilities
  • livestock production efficiency factors will be above the average as reported by the Iowa State University Extension Service and its livestock enterprise record analysis programs
  • profits from the farm shall be retained within the farm and used to make farm improvements, acquire additional land, and upgrade equipment and facilities