History of AG450 Farm



Sean Dyson, a 13-year-old from the Emmetsburg area, has always been fascinated with large machinery and grain harvesting. Sean, who was born prematurely and has developmental disabilities, has had a dream to help with fall harvest and ride in a combine.

That wish was granted last when he visited the Ag 450 Farm. Greg Vogel, Ag 450 Farm ag specialist, said Dyson rode in a combine to harvest soybeans (Pictures shown on right).

Dyson also rode in a John Deere 8430 tractor with Isaiah Shnurman, a senior in Agricultural Studies, to plow part of a harvested field. The Make-A-Wish Foundation had contacted the Agricultural Education and Studies Department last summer to set up the visit.





AgSt 110 Class Visits

The Ag Studies 110 class visited the Ag450 Farm to learn about the student run farm. Dr. Charles Steiner and class officers presented information about the operation of the Ag450 farm and the Ag450 Class.

-Listening to Dr. Steiner

-Listening to Class Officers

-Officers working with students

-Dr. Steiner explains Ag450